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The Festival of the Fish n' Chips presents...

Brunswick Valley Woodchop
and Entertainment Committee Inc.
Part of the Brunswick Valley history...

Dates for the 2014 Woodchop Carnival at Brunswick Heads
Wednesday January 15 - Saturday January 18, 2014
AUSTRALIAN TITLES will be held at this years event!!!



Woodchopping Times - TBA

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 -

Thursday Jan 16, 2014 -
Friday Jan 17, 2014 - 

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 -

Australian Championships Events

375mm Standing Block   

275mm Underhand          


Fireworks Times    


Approximately 800 km north of Sydney, 40km south of the Queensland border, Brunswick Heads and the Brunswick Valley are perfectly positioned for a peaceful, relaxing holiday in a temperate, tropical climate.

The Brunswick River was named by Captain Rous in 1828 but it was not until later that the first recorded settlement of Brunswick Heads took place. Logging for cedar along the banks of the Brunswick River commenced in 1849. By the 1850’s Brunswick Heads had become an established sea port for transportation and a large boat-building industry soon developed.

The river remains the focus of the town, with the large old deco-style Hotel Brunswick taking in the view from across the road and lots of space for family picnics and play right on the river. A footbridge across the south arm of the river leads to the Flora and Nature Reserve, and is just one of the many fishing spots on both river and beach.

Holidaying in the Brunswick Valley provides excellent family entertainment in a pristine environment of coastal waterways and rainforests.

Brunswick Heads has a boat harbour (a great place for enjoying fish and chips or buying some seafood to cook at home) and beautiful surf beaches.

It is a quiet, peaceful tourist destination that caters well for the family unit.
Christmas/New Year sees Brunswick Heads come alive with McGregor’s Carnival and Amusements, the combined Service Clubs providing nightly bingo, fireworks, the Woodchop Carnival and music from the Hotel Brunswick, all entertainment for locals and holiday makers alike.

Accommodation is available, with 3 caravan parks with river frontage, motels and units. Golf and bowls are available.

Executive Committee :
- Rosslyn Hogan
Vice President - Stuart Coles
Secretary - Joy Slater
Treasurer - Brian Badcock

Committee Members :
Jim Stammers, Graeme Wakely, Gordon Wright.






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